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ABOUT GLOBAL entrepreneur

AIESEC's Global Entrepreneur program provides youth with a short-term global internship opportunity at a startup for young people who seek to develop themselves and their career. Participants of the program develop strong communication, written, and interpersonal skills that are transferrable to any workplace they want to impact in the future.

Work to propel start ups in marketing, sales, fundraising, administration and other fields.  Develop a global perspective and understanding of educational systems abroad.

Why Global Entrepreneur?

There are 400 million entrepreneurs in the world, 1 per 18 people, but there are no developed countries in the top 25 most entrepreneurial countries. -

Entrepreneurship teaches data analysis, emotional intelligence, sales, critical thinking, problem solving, resilience and many more valuable skills.

At AIESEC we believe that the skills gained from working in a start up will build better leaders for businesses and the world tomorrow. That's why we are committed to sending youth abroad through the Global Entrepreneur Program.