Internships abroad in graphic design, web development, social media management, & marketing.

ABOUT GLOBAL entrepreneur

Take up a short-term international internship opportunity at a startup in the field of marketing, design, IT, or sales! This is ideal for young people who seek to develop themselves and their career through practical experiences in a fast-paced and challenging environment. Participants of the program develop strong communication, written, and interpersonal skills that are transferrable to any workplace they want to impact in the future.

*Must be graduated or within last 2 years of school to qualify

Available countries

Round 1 Applications due by February 14
Not all job descriptions are available in every country. Click the image to see availabilities.
All Global Entrepreneur positions are unpaid positions, but housing is usually provided by either a host family or the local AIESEC committee. The $600 fee covers the services from AIESEC like preparation and development seminars, support with visas, and support acclimating to the local culture/city and is due only once you are accepted to a position. Must be graduated or in last 2 years of University to qualify.
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Available Job descriptions

Not all job descriptions are available in every country. Click the image to see availabilities.
Specific qualifications like languages, backgrounds, level of study, work experience, etc are specified in each specific internship opportunity posted on
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Why Global Entrepreneur?

There are 400 million entrepreneurs in the world, 1 per 18 people, but there are no developed countries in the top 25 most entrepreneurial countries. -

Entrepreneurship teaches data analysis, emotional intelligence, sales, critical thinking, problem solving, resilience and many more valuable skills.

At AIESEC we believe that the skills gained from working in a start up will build better leaders for businesses and the world tomorrow. That's why we are committed to sending youth abroad through the Global Entrepreneur Program.